About Emre Umar

Emre Umar is the President of Correctional Medical Care (CMC) in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. CMC focuses on using logistics to bring quality healthcare to inmates. Emre Umar is an executive in correctional healthcare. He has over twenty years of experience and is involved in all day-to-day operations of CMC. Prior to CMC he built up a correctional healthcare company to serve approximately 40,000 inmates in facilities across six states.

Emre is a member of the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC).

Emre Umar believes that proper healthcare is a pivotal aspect of the recidivism rate among inmates upon their release from correctional facilities. Because prison and jails generally contain a disproportionate amount of people who struggle with mental illnesses and/or clinical addictions, they need to supply a wide range of educational resources and treatment options. Otherwise inmates exit the facility and re-enter society with the roots of their problems still unacknowledged and untreated– leading to an almost certain relapse into their old habits.

Emre Umar is a member of the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC). He continues to meet industry standards in all of his work in the healthcare sector– while simultaneously providing notably modern solutions like telemedicine and equipment replacement.

Emre Umar has over twenty years of executive experience in correctional healthcare. As the President of Correctional Medical Care (CMC), Emre holds the company to an exemplary standard in the provision and maintenance of specialized healthcare services. He maintains this standard by directing all fiscal matters of corporation and delegating programs among a trusted network of healthcare providers.

Emre studied quantitative business analysis at Pennsylvania State University. He joined Correctional Physician Services, Inc. (CPS) as Vice President in 1990 and managed a staff of approximately 500 healthcare providers and management/administrative personnel.

In addition to establishing and monitoring networks of providers for primary and specialty care services at each CPS contract site, Emre concentrated on public relations and marketing. Proper representation is crucial for any company, but in the correctional healthcare sector it is vital– even lifesaving–to present affordable, high-quality alternatives to facilities struggling with underfunding or mismanagement.

In 2005 Emre founded Correctional Medical Care, the premier healthcare services provider for correctional facilities at all levels in New York. Through his work at CMC Emre holds a unique and integral role in New York State’s correctional healthcare systems. More and more counties are turning to outside agencies to provide healthcare services to correctional facilities, and Emre prides himself on meeting the diverse health needs of inmates in a cost-effective manner.