Emre Umar, a correctional healthcare executive, is an avid golfer.

Emre Umar, a correctional healthcare executive based in Pennsylvania, has been an avid golfer for decades. His interest in golfing stems back to his early childhood days; Emre frequently accompanied his father on golf trips and, to his own surprise, he quickly became enamored with the sport. It was nothing like the boring stereotype he’d always heard– instead it was an exciting game of strategy and skill. Emre decided to pursue the sport in his own free time and he has regularly played ever since.

Emre is based in in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, where he oversees operations at Correctional Medical Care. He has always been active in his community and he recently decided to get involved with Blue Bell’s greatest outlet for golfers: Cedarbook Country Club. With a championship golf course that exceeds 7,000 yards and a history of hosting prestigious competitions, Cedarbrook was the ideal place for Emre to improve his game– but even more importantly, it was a great opportunity to socialize. One of the best benefits of golfing is the social scene it fosters, and Emre enjoys catching up with friends and fellow players over a round.

One of Emre’s fondest memories of the sport is when he got his first hole-in-one at Cedarbrook using a 6-iron golf club from 176 yards away. Since then he’s hit many more milestones, but that first hole-in-one is a quintessential experience for any golfer– it’s a reminder of how rewarding the sport can be, and it also motivates players to keep practicing and improve their skills even more.

In his professional work and his personal life, Emre Umar has always emphasized the importance of mental and physical health. Golfing is a fun and fairly simple way for Emre to maintain his own health. Focusing on a recreational sport and catching up with friends helps relieve mental stress, while simply spending time outside in the fresh air can do wonders. For Emre, golf isn’t just a hobby; it’s an important piece of his overall lifestyle.

Some of Emre’s all-time favorite golf players are Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, and Arnold Palmer (especially since Arnold is a Pennsylvania native). He follows golf faithfully and hopes to attend the United States Open Championship (U.S. Open) and the U.S. PGA Championship at some point down the line.

Emre Umar enjoys sharing tips for first-time golfers and sharing his own experiences in one of the most popular sports in the world.