President of Correctional Medical Care


Emre Umar is an entrepreneur who has applied his administrative and managerial expertise to the correctional healthcare sector for over twenty years. He is the President of Correctional Medical Care (CMC) in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. CMC offers corporate policies and procedures based on the accreditation standards of American Correctional Association (ACA), National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC), and the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Emre studied quantitative business analysis at Pennsylvania State University. He joined Correctional Physician Services, Inc. (CPS) as Vice President in 1990 and managed a staff of approximately 500 healthcare providers and management/administrative personnel.

In addition to establishing and monitoring networks of providers for primary and specialty care services at each CPS contract site, Emre concentrated on public relations and marketing. Proper representation is crucial for any company, but in the correctional healthcare sector it is vital– even lifesaving–to present affordable, high-quality alternatives to facilities struggling with underfunding or mismanagement.

Inspired by his experiences at this facility, Emre Umar founded Correctional Medical Care (CMC) in 2005. Emre has developed the company from the ground up, directing all managerial matters while simultaneously seeking out new opportunities. He has set CMC apart from other correctional healthcare services providers by staunchly avoiding “cookie-cutter” approaches. Instead he and the CMC team meet the unique needs of both clients and patients, implementing innovative strategies across a wide range of services and tailoring every solution to the specific needs of the facility.

As Emre maintains CMC’s compliance with American Correctional Association (ACA) standards and National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) standards, he also encourages improvements– even overhauls– of existing practices in order to better suit inmates’ needs. He directs CMC’s exceptional medical education services, which cover health matters such as hygiene, eating habits, and substance abuse effects. Through these services Emre hopes to improve inmates’ lifestyles post-release and reduce their recidivism rates.

As someone who has successfully built up two healthcare service providers to prominence in the correctional care sector, Emre Umar enjoys sharing his own history as an entrepreneur. He hopes that his own story, as well as his advice and behind-the-scenes tips, will inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs to take on all challenges with confidence and poise.